Frequently Asked Questions

What is audio mastering?

Mastering is the last stage in audio post-production to further enhance Your audio content. Overall goal should aim for a dynamically balanced musical performance / track / album with tailored clear sound, low noise floor and pleasant listening experience. Crafting a well-rounded and tonally even master requires high quality audio tools like EQ - Comp - Stereo enhancement - Limiting etc. With CloudBounce mastering you dress the best qualities of Your music to a professional, presentable attire.

How do I know when the file is ready to be mastered?

Master / Stereo bus. For the best possible starting point for your audio track to shine, it’s advised to eliminate any eq, compression, limiting or other effects from your DAW’s stereo master bus. CloudBounce’s mastering process will apply these and other needed mastering features to your track. However, if pre-mixed effects are Your sound, don’t let these guidelines hinder your musical expression.

Headroom. To avoid clipping of the stereo master bus before mastering, make sure you leave at least from -6 to -10 dB’s of clean headroom for you pre-master stereo audio track.
If your audio signal is redlining or peaking e.g. at 0 dB in your DAW (e.g. in Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live or similar digital audio workstation) it essentially means that you have no headroom left and output adjustment is required. Decrease the output to a healthier -6 to -10dB range, and you’re ready to import your track for mastering.

Project file export / bounce settings. To get best results from CloudBounce’s mastering process, export / bounce your audio files using highest available bit depth (e.g. 16bit, 24bit) and sample rate (min. 44.1 kHz).

What can algorithm based mastering offer me?

CloudBounce provides a powerful, algorithm based mastering tool that is designed and crafted by professional signal processing engineers and audio analysts together with fellow audio engineers and musicians. Despite applying A.I. in our mastering engine, we have +10 years of experience with different genres of music ranging from jazz to hip hop, rock to electronic, but also good ears and human touch striving for first class results.

Does CloudBounce offer mastering options?

Yes, absolutely. Since one mastering solution doesn’t fit for all forms of audio we offer a few alternatives to cater for your needs;

  • First Master - A default mastering setting - even and balanced sound
  • Less Loud - Overall loudness decreased and audio content adjusted accordingly
  • Louder - Overall loudness increased and audio content adjusted accordingly
  • Warmer - Sound tweaked more towards good old vinyl warmth
  • More Bass - More and better low end. All that phat thump you’d ever need.
  • None of the above - If you didn’t find a mastering solution among our offerings, please submit your feedback and wishes to us so that we can improve our service.

What happens to the dynamics of my track?

CloudBounce offers a few alternative mastering settings to choose from. This is a good way to tailor the dynamics and overall sound qualities to your liking. Mastering should usually offer subtle changes that make your audio actually better in every way. Our intelligent audio signal analysing process will follow the dynamic nuances and structure of the original recording. We have no intentions to just squash and ride the volume of your track, and call it a master.

How do I benefit from the CloudBounce service?

Our mastering tool offers a great platform for refining audio recording quality across the board, not depending on musical genre or artistic purpose. CloudBounce gives you a truly professional, cost effective, accessible and easy to use interface for publishing or presenting your audio effortlessly.

We encourage you to experiment CloudBounce mastering with all kinds of audio recordings, not just music; speech, live or private concert recordings, band practice recordings, DJ performances, individual audio tracks or radio / commercial use. Simply import any source of audio that benefits from refined sound and experience our world-class quality.

Why should I master with CloudBounce?

CloudBounce service gives you essentially a flexible, fast, affordable and professional quality alternative for mastering your audio content. You might not be completely familiar with mastering and prefer to leave it to professionals. Or, you want a cost effective and quick mastering solution that gives you that professional polished sound, so that you can publish your creations with confidence.

Despite we totally support the idea of booking an award winning mastering guru for your DIY production, there’s no excuse to make pro mastering accessible to everybody. When it comes to instant mastering, CloudBounce got you covered.

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