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Used by musicians, bands and studios in over 80 countries.

"I’ve seen and heard pretty much every mastering service there is, both man-made and automated, even done quite a few myself, but after having tested Cloudbounce I was left my jaw open: pretty damn good job, guys. Really, really nice. Open, defined, easily translatable to all listening environments from phones to tablets and beyond. Gaming companies and fellow musicians, take note!"

Petri Alanko (Composer & Producer @ Remedy Entertainment)

"I used for one of our latest tunes and the quality is there. I think its a great service for new producers to get their work mastered at fair price."

Kevin Somos (Local Heroes)

"I put all the demos I get into a playlist but sometimes even a good track might go unnoticed if it’s very low volume. CloudBounce offers an easy and affordable option to ensure your demos will be heard, like literally."

Timo Juuti (Label Founder, Youth Control)

How does it all work

After we have received your audio file, our mastering engine analyzes it and applies just the right amount of various audio processing ingredients to make it sound powerful and crystal clear.

This is made possible by new technology that employs machine listening, classification and different audio processing tools such as a compressor, EQ, limiter and stereo imaging.

You will be able to hear the difference in minutes, after which you either purchase the final master or tweak it with a few simple choices.

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CloudBounce is a proud Abbey Road Red alumni company.



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